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Just wanted to call out a couple of news items that have been bubbling up around the Recess developer community over the past week or so.

  • zdk put together a plugin for Smarty Views that is compatible with Recess 0.20. Download zdk's Recess Smarty Plugin here and check out the README for instructions in smarty/README.txt. He's also put together a simple Smarty / Recess demo app. Thanks zdk!
  • Improvements to the database stack were brought into Recess Edge on Github thanks to commits from KevBurnsJr's groupBy and midnightmonster's exists.
  • Preview scripts for the Recess Sandbox, a virtual Ubuntu development environment preconfigured with all the best open-source tools to do first class PHP software engineering are now available on Github. Setup instructions can be found on the Recess PHP Wiki (that just came online this past week and needs some help!). Expect some full-blown articles on Sandbox soon, but if you can't wait to get your hands dirty feel free to play. The Recess Sandbox setup comes loaded with:
    • Server Software
      • Apache 2.2
      • PHP 5.3 w/ a Lot of Extensions
      • MySQL
    • PHP IDE
      • Eclipse PDT 2.1
      • Integrated Debugging
      • Syntax auto-completion with Recess
    • Interactive Debugging
      • XDebug Installed and Configured
      • Ready to hook-up IDE and XDebug
    • Profiling
      • Profile any script with an additional query string
      • Visualize and inspect call graphs with KCacheGrind
    • Unit Testing
      • PHPUnit 3.4 setup
      • Run Test Coverage reports
  • Work on Recess 5.3, a branch of Recess that leverages many of PHP 5.3's new capabilities for an even more enjoyable PHP development experience, has begun in earnest. More news on this will start trickling in as our series on Functional PHP continues. If you're interested in the new functional PHP features be sure to check out the first two installments: anonymous functions, closures, and lambdas in PHP 5.3 and understanding and implementing map and reduce in PHP.

Exciting times in the land of Recess and PHP. What will this week have in store? Stay tuned to via RSS.


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